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Living Memorials

Rose Beds

Roses provide a traditional form of remembrance.
They are arranged in communal beds and marked with a dedication plaque. Cremated ashes are normally scattered near by.


A variety of trees have been planted in our gardens to provide a living, natural memorial. Each surrounded by granite setts and marked with a dedication plaque. Cremated remains of loved ones may be scattered or interred with the memorial, dependant on the tenure period.

Personal Memorial Gardens

These individual memorial gardens have been created to provide a private area for you to visit and tend.

A choice of 4 gardens are available; pebble, woodland, family and private. The gardens vary in size and location and can accommodate between 2 and 6 sets of ashes. The staff at the crematorium would be pleased to discuss the best option for your needs.

Natural Stones

A range of smaller granite memorials, including vases for displaying cut flowers, are designed for placing alongside a tree, rose or in a family garden or as an alternative to the traditional plaque. They may also be used to mark the ashes burial plot with a private space.