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Book of Remembrance

The Book of Remembrance is on view daily in a display cabinet in our waiting room.

The book provides an inexpensive yet permanent memorial with entries recorded by hand on every day of the year. Entries can also be made for people whose funeral took place elsewhere as it can provide a place of remembrance for families who have become separated or moved apart. 

The Book consists of a number of hand made, richly-bound volumes and has a page for every day of the year. Usually, the entry is placed on the date of death but other anniversaries can be chosen as well. The pages are turned daily. 

Flowers and cards can be placed in the waiting room with the permission of the manager.


Book of Remembrance Pack

Families often choose to have an entry in the main book together with a number of memorial cards and books for close relatives and friends. 

The Miniature Book of Remembrance and Memorial card are intended as personal keepsakes or for sending to friends and relatives who cannot easily visit the Chapel of Remembrance. 

Both bear a copy of the inscription from the main book. The miniature book also contains extra pages for future entries to be added so that a family record can be created.